Rangers Future: Will Colby Lewis Return?


Colby Lewis pitched the 2014 season coming off of a bunch of surgeries, two years out of the majors, and doubts as to whether he could ever pitch again. He came into spring training and did not make the team because he was just not ready to pitch in the majors, and again there were doubts if he could get to the majors and pitch effectively.

Well Colby Lewis did make it back to the majors, and he is going to make it trough the majority of the season, making him the first ever major league pitcher to have hip reconstruction surgery and pitch again in the big leagues. With an ERA of 5.52 and a record of 8-10, he has not exactly had the greatest season record, but does that mean that the Rangers should give up on Colby Lewis going forward and not resign him for the 2015 season?

In the last 28 days, Colby Lewis is 1-2 with a 3.24 ERA, with 25 strikeouts and 10 walks. He was giving up a batting average of .353 in the first half of the season, while in the second half his opponents batting average is .250. His opponents batting average has gone down every month since May and his walks have gone down. And we all know that he had a complete game shutout against the Whitesox.

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The question that the Texas Rangers front office needs to answer about Colby Lewis, is does he have anything left in the tank for another full MLB season? I believe that he does, and I think that he deserves one more chance to be in the Texas Rangers rotation. Colby Lewis is still the Rangers all time winningest post season pitcher, and that is sure not going to change in 2014. He seems to be getting better as the season goes on. He is a veteran that can help mold a very young staff, and he is an extremely likeable guy.

Will the Texas Rangers give Colby Lewis another chance for the 2015 season? I can’t answer that right now, but if they were to ask me (and they definitely should) then I would say that Colby Lewis deserves one more chance to wear the Texas Rangers uniform and be the guy that molds the young pitchers. I hope they give him that chance, I really do.

*all stats from baseballreference.com*