Texas Rangers Lose Well


The Texas Rangers are losing a bunch. They are losing at a 3-1 clip. But I thoroughly enjoyed last nights contest, to be honest. It had almost everything I want to see in a Texas Rangers game minus a win. The Rangers fought hard on offense, tying the game when they were down. They had good pitching. Miles Mikolas only gave up 2 runs, the bull pen gave up just one unearned run. There was an inside the park home run (sort of, officially it was a double with a 2 base error, but it was still exciting).

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One of the main things I want to see from the Texas Rangers, if they are going to have to continue to lose, is that they lose well, and they did that last night. I know that Rougned Odor booted two throws to first base on double play attempts, but other than that the Texas Rangers were in the game, and even took it to extra innings. I know that a whole lot of fans are no longer showing up at the ballpark and probably a plethora of fans are no longer watching the games on television, but I am still watching and I know that you are as well. We want to see our team perform at the highest level that they can.

There are several guys on this team vying for spots on next year’s roster. Miles Mikolas, Phil Irwin, J.P. Arencibia, Nick Martinez, Neal Cotts, Shawn Tolleson and others are hoping to be a part of the 2015 Rangers club. The rest of this season will also see the September call ups, which will include more minor league stars trying to make the 2015 roster. There sure is a lot to watch to be giving up on Texas Rangers baseball for 2014. I haven’t, and I hope you haven’t either. Enjoy today’s game if you can get away to watch it!