Nick Tepesch Looks Young vs. Royals


We sometimes forget that Nick Tepesch is still a very young player, but he reminded all of us last night of that fact. The offense once again was in no position to help Nick Tepesch out of the mess he got himself into, and the Rangers once again lost. Nick looked alright until the 5th inning, when it all fell apart for him.

"“I couldn’t find it. It was one of those bad innings I guess,” Nick Tepesch said according to “I felt like I was a little all over the place all night. I think that (the fifth) inning was the worst of it obviously. But I was constantly trying to find my lanes and that inning, it was just one of those things where I really struggled to find it.”"

The only thing that bothers me about that statement is the words “I guess”. When you walk in a run, you don’t have to guess on whether you had a bad inning or not. You did. Nick Tepesch is a good guy and he is working really hard, but he still has a long way to go. This Texas Rangers rotation is so young and inexperienced, and if you mix that with a team that can’t put up more than 2 to 3 runs a night regularly, then you get a team that is 49-79.

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This team is frustrating to watch, but we all still need to watch. It is still our team. We can question and complain and argue and whatever else we need to do to get through the rest of the season, but we all need to continue watching. We are Rangers fans, that’s what we do. The Rangers wrap up the series with the Royals this afternoon. Lets Go Rangers.