Texas Rangers: Lone Star Series still up for grabs


Lone Star Series:  The Texas Rangers continue their road trip with a 4-game series against the Houston Astros tonight.   This will be the 5th series of the season between these two team, of which the Rangers have only won one of them.

The Astros currently have a commanding lead over the Texas Rangers with record of 8-4 in the Lone Star Series.  It would seem like the Astros have it locked up, but there are 7 games remaining in the series.

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But, it’s not over until it’s over.  The Rangers have showed a bit of fight lately and have begun to win some games.  In fact, they have started to win series again.  Since the All-star break they have managed to win 3 series.  It can mainly be contributued to both the Rangers starting pitching and bullpen.  The offense has been very weak, but they did manage to light up the scoreboard yesterday against the Seattle Mariners with a score of 12-4.  Yesterday’s win was a combination of great pitching by Colby Lewis and a timely home run by Rougned Odor.

Since the Lone Star Series was created back in 2001 the Rangers have a record of 7-3-3.  The last time they lost the series was back in 2006.  They easily won the series last year with a record of 17-2.  But, this year the Astros are beating up on the Rangers like everyone beat up on them.  In fact, the Astros have their best record against the Rangers over all of teams  this season.

If the Rangers are going to win the Lone Star Series then they’ll need to put together a winning streak.  The longest of the season is 5, but that is a distant memory now.   The last time they put together 3 in a row was back in June.  So it does seem like winning the Lone Star Series is going to be an uphill battle for them.

With that said, the Rangers must win this series to help bring the series closer at 7-9 and then they’ll have to sweep them when they wrap up the Lone Star Series at home next month.  It’s probably a longshot, but there’s still a chance.

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