Lone Star Series: Texas Rangers lose the Silver Boot


The Texas Rangers have had a season full of disappointments and now it includes the Lone Star Series.  It didn’t start off that way back during the offseason.  Jon Daniels made several big moves that included the trade for Prince Fielder and acquiring Shin-Soo Choo.

ESPN’s Buster Olney said the Rangers had the best lineup in baseball going into spring training.

The bad news is that no one was able to see if Buster Olney was correct.  The team started off the season by sending Tanner Scheppers to the mound in place of Yu Darvish who started the season on the disabled list due to pain in his neck.  The Rangers would lose their Opening Day and eventually their Opening day starter Tanner Scheppers and Yu Darvish.

One thing that seemed to be a sure thing as picking on the Houston Astros who many had nicked named the Lastros.  A nick name that hasn’t been used a lot this season, mainly because the Texas Rangers are holed up in last place now.

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Over the several years the Rangers have owned the Houston Astros.  Last year they completely dominated them with a record of 17-2.  Yu Darvish almost had a perfect game and once almost had a no-hitter.  The last time the Astros had a chance to win the series was back in 2008 and the last time the Astros won the series was back in 2006.

If there is any metric to indicate how bad this season has been, losing the Silver Boot is one of them.   The Astros have a record of 10-5  in the series this season and for most of those 15 games the score hasn’t really been close.

That’s mainly because the Rangers have a split personality this season.  The Rangers have managed to score 10 or more runs 11 times this season, which ranks near the top of the league.  But, on the other side of things they have scored  3 or less runs 75 times this season which almost leads the leagues.

Sadly, if Rangers fans were holding on to the hope of the Texas Rangers winning the Lone Star Series then they have to start looking for the little things this season like player development.  With the use of 59 different players and the disabled list 25 times it’s hard to have success at all this season.  Next season the team should be healthy again and back on the right track.  And hopefully the Rangers will show their dominance over the Astros again to bring the boot home.