Rangers Season on Pace to be Close to the Worst Ever


The Rangers lost yet another winnable game today, plummeting their record to a dismal 53-83. Since moving to Texas in 1972, the Rangers have only had two 100 loss seasons, and they were 1972 and 1973. With only 27 games left in the 2014 season, the Rangers need a record of 10-17 to not lose 100 games and match the record of the 1985 Rangers (actually, the 1985 Rangers only played 161 games, so they were 62-99, FYI).

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Do any of us believe that the September call ups are going to be the answer to go on a long wining streak? I personally don’t but I am looking forward to seeing guys like Brett Nicholas in the majors for the month of September. The Rangers worst record ever is 57-105, accomplished in 1973. This team would only have to keep playing like they have been playing to trump that mark.

Today was another one of those frustrating games where the starter, this time Nick Martinez, pitched a great game and the veteran pitchers, namely Neal Cotts and Neftali Feliz could not hold the one run lead, and once again the Rangers lose a game that they led in the late innings. The whole bull pen needs to be revamped, we all know that. The rotation needs to be revamped, and then I guess we all need to hope that Prince Fielder, Yu Darvish, Shin-Soo Choo, Mitch Moreland and eventually Martin Perez will be as good as new when the return. I have my doubts.

I don’t think the Rangers will eclipse the 57-105 season, but they are not going to miss it by much. We keep saying it here at Nolan Writin’, but I can’t wait for the off season to start and moves to begin being made and evaluations to begin so we can once again talk about the possibility of a bright future for this franchise. Until then, we can all believe that we won’t have a repeat of the 1973 team exactly.