Robbie Ross Jr: Starter or bullpen


The Texas Rangers have been trying all season to determine whether or not Robbie Ross Jr. is a starter or just a left for the bullpen.  Robbie Ross did manage to earn himself a spot in Opening day rotation, but ever since then it has been an up-and-down roller coaster with him.

The Rangers at one point decided to try him again in the bullpen and it seemed things were still not working out for him there either.  Finally they decided to option him back to the minors and sent him to triple-A Round Rock Express.  There he was able to continue to work as a starter.

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While with the Express he worked to get better command of his fastball and several secondary pitches.  That’s been one of the main factors that Robbie Ross is starting to become a more effective starter recently.  He’s been consistently working on his change up, curve and his cutter.

Yesterday was a perfect example of the entire mix coming together.  Today before the game Robbie Ross talked about his performance yesterday.  He talked about how he’s grown as a pitcher over the last few years and how going to the minors helped him work on his pitches and learned how to utilize them instead of solely relying on his fastball.

Ross also expressed his wishes to be a starter for the Rangers and to make the rotation in 2015.  Right now there isn’t anything set in stone.  The Rangers do like what they are seeing in Robbie Ross, but today Ron Washington said they’ll have discussions about Ross this offseason to determine whether or not he’ll be a starter or in the bullpen.

If Ross can continue to have success he could be a number 5 pitcher for the Rangers.  It seems more likely the Texas Rangers will go to the open market this offseason for someone instead.  That would mean Ross will go back to the pen, which isn’t a bad thing.  He was very effective there in the past and he has the potential to do it again.