J.P. Arencibia and Orbit make peace


Over the past several weeks J.P. Arencibia and the Houston Astros mascot Orbit has been in a bit of a battle.  First it started off with Orbit giving  Arencibia a bit of a hard time while he was in the on deck circle.  While Arencibia was in on-deck circle he took his bat and hit Orbit with the butt of the bat.

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Now, that might sound bad, but it was just a gentle tap to let Orbit know not to mess with him.

Video:  08/09/14 Orbit provokes Arencibia 
Orbit the Astros’ mascot distracts J.P. Arencibia in the on-deck circle

It didn’t take long after that little poke by J.P. Arencibia for the Astros mascot Orbit to enact his revenge.  The next night he had several signs prepared for Arencibia.  All of which were funny and in good fun and got several laughs out of fans including me.

Video: 08/10/14 Astros Orbit messes with Arencibia

Astros mascot Orbit stands behind J.P. Arencibia with a sign that reads “J.P. Arencibia cried during The Notebook”

During the Texas Rangers recent road trip to Houston the stakes were raised.  Photos of the Astros mascot with him wearing Dallas Cowboys attire surfaced.

They quickly spread on social media with Orbit wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey.

Orbit seemed to have the upper hand with his recent retaliation.  He had a photo of J.P. Arencibia in a Houston Texans cheerleader outfit.  Which to me trumps the one of Orbit.

Video:  8/29/14 Orbit pranks Arencibia again

Astros mascot Orbit gets revenge on J.P. Arencibia after Arencibia posted photos of him he did not appreciate in Minute Maid Park

The final ruling has to be game, set, match for the Astros mascot Orbit.  Both had good fun with the pranks on each other.

J.P. Arencibia and Orbit did make up and become friends though.  It was fun will it lasted and gave fans something to watch besides two teams battling it out for last place in the American League west.

Video: 08/30/14 Orbit looks for an intervention

Astros mascot Orbit waits for Rangers catcher J.P. Arencibia for an intervention after having some animosity earlier in the season