Texas Rangers: Strange numbers this season


This season for the Texas Rangers has been a tough one and the numbers show it.  They are on pace to have the most losses in a single season.   The worst the team has every done was back in 1973 when they finished 57-105.

They are currently 53 and 85 with 24 games remaining.  It seems very likely that they’ll reach the 100 games lost mark and if the offense continues to struggle they’ll blow past that and make a run toward 105.

Breaking down their season record shows that they have record of 24-40 at home and a record of 29-45 on the road.  They have record of 17-22 with one run games and 10-12 with 2-run games. The Rangers haven’t done well when the opposing team scores first.  They are only 16-50 when this happens.   But, the most damaging this season is that they are 12-86 when an opponent scores 4 or more.

The Texas Rangers broke a Major League record yesterday with Derek Holland and Michael Kirkman.  Those two players marked the 60th and 61st players used this season.  That beat a record set by the San Diego Padres and Cleveland Indians at 59. Along with the most players used the Rangers now own the most pitchers used in a season with 38.  The 2002 San Diego Padres used to have the record at 37. The Rangers have used a team record of 20 rookies this season and have give 13 different players their Major League debut.

And then there is the disabled list.  The Rangers have used the disabled list 26 times this season, which is 4th most in team history.  The team record is 29, which happened in 2004.  They currently have 14 players on the disabled list.

Since the Rangers have had so many injuries, it has caused a lot of unique lineups.  The Rangers have used 107 (108 including pitchers) different batting orders this season. When considering defensive position the Texas Rangers and Ron Washington have used 115 (135 when considering pitchers) different lines/defensive positions.

Basically almost every game has had a different lineup. Even though pitching has been horrible this season, there have been a few bright spots.  The Texas Rangers have 16 shutouts this season.  That’s good enough for a MLB record by a team that has a collective ERA of 4.50 or higher.

Also, the Rangers are ranked 3rd in most games with 10 runs or more.  On the other side of things they have the second most games with 3 or less runs scored.

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It has been a tough season for this team that has produced some strange stats.  Luckily these numbers shouldn’t happen again and if they do hopefully it won’t happen again for another 40 years.