Yu Darvish to re-evaluated, status still unknown


The Texas Rangers have been without their ace Yu Darvish for almost a month now.  The last time he pitched was against the Houston Astros on August 9th.   He was set to make his next start but starting to have issues with his elbow and the day before his start he was placed on the disabled list.

On August 13 the Rangers made the move to put in on the 15-day disabled list (retro active to August 10).  Since that day Darvish basically hasn’t even picked up a ball.

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He’s been sidelined since that time and it seemed like if the team was in a better spot, meaning a playoff run, then he would likely be working through the issues and pitching right now.

But, Yu Darvish isn’t pitching and instead is resting and letting his injuries heal.  He will be re-evaluated

It probably means nothing that Yu Darvish is being re-evaluated.  It is highly unlikely he’ll pitch again this season.  There really isn’t any reason he should.  Right now the Texas Rangers, Jon Daniels and Ron Washington need to use this time to evaluate the young arms they are bringing in.  For the last month this has basically been an early spring training for the team.

Yu Darvish will return, but it will probably be on Opening day next season.  Also, there shouldn’t be anything seriously wrong with him that would prevent him from making spring training either.  Fans shouldn’t be upset that he’s not pitching right now.  He’ll return and when he does he’ll be the same dominate force he was this year.  Hopefully next season the Rangers will be playing meaningful baseball again.