Ron Washington: What we know about the resignation


Today shortly before 3:00 pm CT the Texas Rangers made an announcement that shocked the baseball world.  They announced that manager Ron Washington had tendered his resignation effective immediately.  

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The Rangers held a press conference with General Manager Jon Daniels and was with Ray Davis and Bob Simpson, who are part of the Texas Rangers ownership group.

Jon Daniels said that Washington had resigned and was citing personal reasons for his resignation.   Ron Washington issued this statement about his resignation.

"“Today, I have submitted my resignation from the job I love — managing the Rangers — in order to devote my full attention to addressing an off-the-field personal matter. As painful as it is, stepping away from the game is what’s best for me and my family.“This is in no way related to the disappointing performance of the team this season. We were already discussing 2015 and looking forward to getting the Rangers back to postseason contention.“I deeply regret that I’ve let down the Rangers organization and our great fans. Over the past eight seasons, it’s been a privilege to be part of some of the best years in club history and I will always be grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here, and for the great management, players, and coaches who have made our time here a success. Thank you for respecting my privacy.” ("

Ron Washington wasn’t present at the afternoon press conference for questions, but Daniels took a few questions.  He said that his resignation wasn’t because of drugs and was very adamant about it.  Also, he said it wasn’t because of any on-field performance issues.

Another thing he was asked if Ron Washington could have taken a leave of absence, but he didn’t answer the question instead said that conversation was between him and Washington.

There were also questions about his health and if that was the reason that Washington resigned and from inside the organization it was reported that wasn’t a concern or the reason behind him resigning.

So why did Ron Washington resign?  Right now the only people that know that are Ron Washington, Jon Daniels and the ownership group.  Washington has simply said that this was a personal issue and Daniels has said they have known about this issue for several weeks.  Also, Washington talked briefly to the team and said he was sorry he let the down.  Also, Ray Davis said he was disappointed that Washington decided to resign.

The real reason to his resignation isn’t know yet, just that it wasn’t drugs, his performance and it isn’t health reasons.  That means it could still be an illness close with his family.  Beyond that it’s only speculation at his point, but it does add to the big changes for next season.

The Rangers have already had huge shake ups in the front office.  Also, it appears that Mike Maddux could be a candidate to be the next manager in Houston.    At this point to say this season has been a disaster is now an understatement.  And just when you thought things couldn’t get worse they do.  There are still 22 games left this season; makes you wonder what will happen next.

Updated: The latest news is that neither Ron Washington or his wife are having any health issues/concerns.  Also, Washington texted to a source at USA today that he plans to return to the baseball by saying “I’ll be back”