Ron Washington Resignation: The Yu Darvish Theory


Shortly before 3:00 PM CT the Texas Rangers dropped a bombshell on everyone yesterday.  They announced that manager Ron Washington had submitted his resignation earlier that day and it was effective immediately.

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By now everyone has read the statement from Washington and heard what the Ray Davis, Bob Simpson and Jon Daniels had to say about the situation.   Despite a press release from Washington and a press conference by the Rangers front office the questions around his resignation were not answered.

The only thing everyone knows is that he stepped away from the game he loves for “off field personal reasons”.  Also, Washington made sure people knew the issues surrounding his resignation didn’t have anything to do with drugs, and his or his wife’s health.  Jon Daniels said it didn’t have anything to do with the team’s performance this season and he expected him back to manage in 2015.  By the words and comments by each party it does seems like something happened between the front office and the manager.  Terms like “let the team down” and “disappointed” only create more questions around the situation.

Ron Washington did address the team around 3:00 pm yesterday but didn’t meet with the media about his departure.  Which leaves things up in the air for interpretation.

If it is something that happened internally between the front office and Ron Washington it could involve the rift between the manager and Ron Washington.

According the to Jon Daniels yesterday they know about this issue for several weeks now.  Looking back you start to look for signs and indicators that lead to the resignation of Ron Washington.  One thing that does popup is the mysterious injury to Yu Darvish.

Yu Darvish and Ron Washington have had almost war of words since he last pitched in Houston.  It was after that game that Yu Darvish started complaining about soreness in his elbow and was almost immediately placed on the disabled list by Jon Daniels.

It was almost clear at moment that Ron Washington wasn’t happy about that decision.  Jon Daniels made a puzzling comment that if the Rangers were in the playoff hunt that he would be pitching.  But, report from the Yu Darvish camp said that Yu Darvish was he was sore and was unable to even throw.

He was sent to the team doctor during that time and it only revealed a mild strain and no issues.  It was shortly after that Ron Washington said that Yu Darvish should pitch and return to them if he doesn’t want the team to think he quit on them.

It was shortly after that comment that Ron Washington start to back track on his comments.  Fast forward almost a month, on Thursday Yu Darvish was supposed to go to the team doctor to be re-evaluated, but it wasn’t done during the day some reason.  It was supposed to happen at night, which is very strange.

Later that night there were no reports about the injury update and the next day Ron Washington resigned.  Very strange and it seems to connect the dots.

So did Ron Washington quit because of Yu Darvish?  It seems that there is something there and a rift between Darvish, the front office (Jon Daniels) and Ron Washington has occurred.

Right now it is all speculation, but it appears that what ever it is neither Jon Daniels or Ron Washington is talking about it.

Updated: According to the The Scoop the newest on the Ron Washington reports state that Ron Washington is facing legal issues concerning sexual assault.