Should Colby Lewis return in 2015?


The Texas Rangers have had a horrible injury plagued season and players like Colby Lewis probably hope they don’t fall victim. For fans this season will go down as one of the worst seasons in team history, but there have been a few positive things to come from it.

But, at least for Colby Lewis he’s been able to bounce back from hip surgery and has managed to make quite a nice comeback this season.  Early on it started to look pretty rough.  Especially after he was roughed up by the Angels back in June.  During that game the Angels kept getting hits and runs against him.  After 2.1 innings they had racked up 13 runs (10 earned).

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It seemed like something was wrong and possibly he might not every bounce back.  Maybe it was that beating he took that day on the mound against the Angels, because since that day he’s slowly returned to the Colby Lewis that helped the Texas Rangers reach the playoffs and work their way into 2 World Series.

Lewis now seems as healthy has he’s ever been.  He says he feels better than he did back in those playoff runs.  He’s already had discussions with Jon Daniels about coming back next season.  If opportunity is there for Colby Lewis to return next season then he should.  The Rangers will be shopping for starting pitching during the offseason.   If they can already fill a hole with someone they already know can preform then it’s an easy sign for both sides.

It’s easy to see he’s finally back to the old Lewis by his second half stats.  For example over his last 10 starts he’s lasted 6.0 innings or more.   During the first half of the season he had a 6.54 ERA and has cut it almost in half during the second half with a 3.51 ERA.

He’s win-loss record isn’t the best, but it’s hard to use that stat this season due to the lack of offense the team has had.   Also, another good indicator how much he’s improved is the difference in WHIP.  First half he had 1.821 and second half it dropped to 1.143.

There are a lot of questions about the Texas Rangers next season and lot of holes to plug on this team.  Lewis has put in a lot of hard work and every bit of it has paid off.   There shouldn’t be any reason they don’t bring him back next season.