Michael Young won’t be the next manager


There has already been a lot of talk who will be the next manager for the Texas Rangers.  Surprisingly a lot of people starting talking about Michael Young being the next manager.  It shouldn’t really come as surprise though.  

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Young still has a lot of roots in Texas and with the Rangers, but it did seem like after his departure from the club he wasn’t very happy with they way things transpired.   Luckily for at least fans it seems like most of that is in the past and him and Jon Daniels have made amends.  Everyone was glad to see when he decided to quit baseball he was able to retire as a Texas Rangers.

Even at that moment people start to float the idea of Michael Young returning to the organization in some manner.  Maybe he could be a coach or work as an assistant.  Even he’s open to that idea at some point.

Young stepped away from the game of baseball last year for a reason and a good one.  He wanted to spend more time with his family.  He wanted to spend time with his kids and be there as they grow up.  It is hard to imagine how difficult that must be as a baseball player.  There is a lot of travel and a lot of games.

Recently Jon Daniels and Michael Young did talk.  After that talk Young commented about the possiblity of him being the next manager of the Rangers.

"“I’m honored to be considered for the position of Rangers’ manager,” Young said. “I appreciate everything the Rangers organization has meant and done for me, my career, and my family.  Having said that, I recognize the immense time commitment a manger’s position requires, and at this point in my life, it’s not the right fit.  I retired to spend more time with my family and I’m enjoying this chapter in my life.” (Evan Grant – Dallas News)"

It takes a pretty special person to say they’ve done their time in the game and it’s time to focus on what’s really important.  Maybe now isn’t the time for Michael Young to get back in to baseball, but maybe some day he will.  Even if he doesn’t fans can still appreciate the years of dedication he gave to the Rangers and to baseball.