Should Alex Rios be a Texas Rangers next season?


The Texas Rangers have a lot of questions this offseason and one will be if they should re-sign outfielder Alex Rios.  Before the All-Star break Rios was playing at the top of his game and was near the top of the league with his batting average.

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For the first half of the season he had a batting line of .305/.333/.440/.773 with 21 doubles, 4 home runs and 42 RBI.  While he was consistently hitting the ball, he didn’t really hit for power, which was one thing the Texas Rangers really missed with the loss of Nelson Cruz.

Around the trade deadline there was a lot of teams talking with the Rangers for a possible trade, but like many others on the team Alex Rios sustained an injury.  Who knows if the Rangers would have traded Alex Rios if he wasn’t injured, but regardless at the time it seemed like a good idea to keep Alex Rios.

After he injured his ankle his numbers took a sharp decline.   Which seems to suggest the Rangers should have traded him when they had a chance, but hindsight is always 20/20.  Rios could and still might be in the Rangers 2015 plans.

But, looking at his second half numbers might have them thinking of other options.  Since the All-star break he has a batting line of .211/.246/.281/.528 with 9 doubles, and 12 RBI.  Again, there’s a dip in his power hitting.

The drop off in power, hitting and recent injures might be enough for the Rangers to just buy him out of his contract for $1 million instead of keeping him for the 2015 season for $14 million.   More than likely the Texas Rangers will be looking for someone with a bit more power in their swing.  It might not necessarily come from who ever they place in right field, but it will free up some room for them to sign someone else to do some heaving hitting in the order.