Texas Rangers: It wasn’t all bad in 2014


Just as the Texas Rangers are finally starting to play well the season is about to end.  Many fans are finally glad to see the team doing well and wish that there was still more baseball to play.  But, for the Texas Rangers, Jon Daniels, the players and anyone else close to the team probably can’t wait for game 162 to be in the books.

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Mainly because the can hopefully stop worrying about injuries, who’s going to fill the holes and finally not worry about the standings.   Despite this being one of the worst seasons in franchise history there have been several positive things come from this season.

Some fans would argue that having a new manager in 2015 will be very good for the Texas Rangers.  While many fans loved Ron Washington, there is a large group of fans that blame him for the mismanagement in the World Series that cost the team the championship.   Ron Washington was a large part of the reason that they did so well and were able to make it to the post-season for 2 epic World Series appearances.

But, with his departure it opens the door for change it at appears that it could be Tim Bogar at the helm next season.  Bogar is a good choice to manage the Rangers because he is a bit of a players manager, he manages with his baseball knowledge but also is able to utilize some of the new tools that the game has these days.

Also, several of the rookies have been a pleasant surprise this season.  Players like Jake Smolimski, Daniel Robertson, Rougned Odor and Nick Martinez all have shown promise this season.  It wouldn’t be a surprise to see them back next year with the Rangers.

It was also very nice to see Colby Lewis return from hip surgery and have a very good comeback season.  If he manages to pick up a win against the Oakland Athletics tonight he’ll have 11 wins on the season which is the most for any Ranger starter.   It’s not known if he’ll return next season, but hopefully he will.  He would be a excellent pitcher to fill out the 2015 rotation.

So even though this season has been pretty horrible, it wasn’t all horrible.  Rangers fans have had a chance to see several rookies which probably wouldn’t have been called up for another year or two. Several of those players have managed to meet or exceed expectations and will play a huge part in 2015.  And most people seem to think next season the Rangers will bounce back and be a very tough team to beat.

Hopefully this time they are right and the Texas Rangers do make another playoff run.  If it wasn’t for the injuries then right now they would probably be right in the mix of things for the playoffs.  But, here’s to looking towards 2015 and what should be a great season for the Rangers.