Arizona Diamondbacks request to interview Texas Rangers interim manager Tim Bogar


The Arizona Diamondbacks are continuing their manager search and today have requested permission to speak with the Texas Rangers interim manager Tim Bogar.

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The Rangers have been interviewing several candidates this week, including Mike Maddux and Steve Buechele.  They had planned on interviewing Bogar near the end of the process and is considered a strong favorite.

There hasn’t been anything official from either side about side about an interview, but it would seem unlikely the Rangers would deny the request.

Jon Daniels has stated that he won’t let other clubs influence his decision making process for a new manager.   Also, he did meet with Tim Bogar today, but no word or reports what that meeting was about has been announced.

For the Diamondbacks it could just mean they are doing a thorough search and Bogar is just another person they would like to see.  It would also give Bogar a chance to see how the interview process goes with another club.

Overall, it seems unlikely at this point that the Diamondbacks would be able to pull Bogar away if both clubs wanted to make him a manager.  If the Rangers decline to make him a manager and the Diamandbacks did make him and off then he would likely take it.  Hopefully that won’t happen.  Bogar seems to be the right manager for this team.  He’s a mix of a players coach, he knows the game and knows the stats.