Texas Rangers might be cleaning house


The Texas Rangers have trimmed the candidates for their new manager down to 3 candidates and could make a decision as early as this week.   ESPN’s Calvin Watkins reported today from a source that the Rangers have given the coaching staff permission to look for others jobs outside the organization.

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It appears that hitting coach Dave Magadan has already been out doing interviews.

This season the Texas Rangers offense did struggle and saw a huge dip in their home run totals.  This year the club only belted 111 home runs this season, which was a 100 less than the first place Baltimore Orioles.  They hit a league leading 200 home runs in 2012, but they were stacked with several power hitters during that season.   This season the main and almost lone power hitter was Adrian Beltre.  It also didn’t help the Rangers offense that every day they had to use a new lineup because they kept bringing up players to over those on the disabled list.  It’s hard to know how things might have been different for Magadan if he had a club with 20 or so healthy players.

But, overall this is good news for who ever the Texas Rangers and Jon Daniels choose as the new manager.  They’ll be able to choose a staff they know and trust.  Also, it might help bring in some additional voices and views to the club house.

The Rangers today announced that Tim Bogar, Jeff Banister and Kevin Cash are finalist for the manager position.  They’ll be called back for additional interviews this week and it’s being reported they should make a selection this week.