Jeff Banister Receives Welcome Messages and Well Wishes


Jeff Banister, Texas Rangers newly appointed manager, was a fan favorite in Pittsburgh. Many fans, players, and media have nothing but well wishes for the former Pittsburgh Pirates bench coach.

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FanSided site editor, Tom Smith, wrote many articles about Banister and warmly refers to him a “Banny”. Smith wrote that the Texas Rangers would be foolish overlooking Banister, and

"The man is a class act and their is no doubt the Rangers are in a much better position today with Banny at the helm.”"

However, Smith is not the only person giving high praise to Jeff Banister. Many have taken to Twitter to send well wishes and express excitement to work with Banny, who’s Twitter handle is @Bannyrooster28.


Jeff Banister received many more “We will miss you” messages, which speaks volumes to what he meant to the Pirates and their fans. Texas Rangers fans also took to Twitter to give Banister a Big Warm Texas Welcome!


Banister is known to take to Twitter and tweet inspirational quotes that are usually followed by #nevereverquit. Here are a few of my favorites:

This tweet is fitting given this is Jeff Banister’s first ML manager position.

As y’all can see, Jeff Banister is respected and loved by the Pirates fanbase, and is a welcomed addition to the Texas Rangers.

I have to be honest, the more I read about Banister and hear his views on baseball I get more and more excited for the 2015 season. Only 167 days until our Texas Rangers open the 2015 season at Oakland Athletics!