Dave Magadan Expected to Return Next Season


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According to multiple reports online, the Texas Rangers can expect hitting coach Dave Magadan to return next season.

Over the past few weeks Magadan has talked with the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and the Oakland Athletics. As of Monday the Yankees were no longer considering him. Early today the Boston Red Sox officially announced Chili Davis as their hitting coach.

With Chili Davis leaving the A’s for the Red Sox, Dave Magadan was believed to be the frontrunner. However, Susan Slusser of San Francisco Chronicle tweeted this afternoon that Magadan is no longer on the A’s coaching list because he’s staying with the Texas Rangers.

Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com reports that after meeting with Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and new skipper Jeff Banister, Dave Magadan made the decision to return next season as the Texas Rangers hitting coach.

The next question is who will fill the empty bench coach position after Tim Bogar will not return? On pure speculation, I would suspect that Steve Buechele will be called upon. I could be wrong, but he was called up at the end of the season when clubs were able to extend their roster. Buechele is familiar with the club, and Jeff Banister could benefit from a person with knowledge of both the big league club and the minors.

Although, many fans were wishing for a new hitting coach next season it doesn’t look like they will get their wish. I can see why some fans want Dave Magadan gone, as our own David Cash posted a graph of the Rangers batting average since 2010 and it isn’t pretty.

However, I think that we may be forgetting the fact that Dave Magadan is a coach. Yes, he is supposed to help the players improve. But, ultimately isn’t it up to the player to learn what changes are necessary, and then implement them?