Tim Bogar could be the next Tampa Bay Rays manager


Texas Rangers bench coach Tim Bogar won’t be returning to the coach staff next season, but he could stay with the club in the front office.  After the team announced that Jeff Banister they quickly put him to work to assemble his coaching staff.

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The reason that Bogar isn’t staying isn’t clear, but now with a manager vacancy in Tampa Bay it seems like it was a good move by Bogar.

"It’s probably best Bogar move on. It doesn’t make sense for him to remain with the club after he didn’t get the job. (Calvin Watkins – via Twitter)"

It’s hard to not agree with ESPN’s Calvin Watkins.  If Tim Bogar isn’t going to serve at the Texas Rangers bench coach then it is best if he finds another opportunity with another club.  It appears with the departure of Joe Maddon from the Rays that there is a door wide open for him.

After less than 24 hrs of Maddon leaving the Rays, Tim Bogar’s name is already on a short list of people who should manager the Rays.  He did very well as bench coach for the Rangers and very well as a manager over his short 26-game stint.   He’s had experience in the American League East with the Boston Red Sox from 2009-2012 and he’s spent a year with the Rays in 2008.

Since Bogar does have experience as a bench coach, manager, Sabermetics and several years in the American League East he should be one, if not the best option for the Rays.  One good thing for the Rangers is if he parts ways at least he won’t be in the same division.  That means the Rangers will only face him 6 times during the season if he goes to the Rays.

The best case for the Rangers was for him to stay as the bench coach, but now it looks like he’s made a good decision by parting ways.  In my opinion he’ll likely be the next manager of the Rays.