Update: Rangers coaching changes


The Texas Rangers and Jon Daniels have said that they are going to let new manager change up the coaching staff and it appears he’s busy at work doing just that.  So far third base coach Gary Pettis, first base coach Bengie Molina and bench coach Tim Bogar are either gone or set to be replaced.

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The Rangers are waiting until the coaching staff is completely set before they make any official announcements, but reports indicate that they have decided to promote Hector Ortiz to probably coach first base (replacing Bengie Molina).

Ortiz has managed the Arizona League Rangers and has served as the team’s roving catching instructor since 2012.  He has 20 seasons of professional baseball experience, including 93 major league games.  Ortiz last major league stint was in 2002 with the Rangers.  He appeared in 7 games batting .214/.267 with 1 home run and 2 RBI.

He’s spent the last 8 seasons with the Texas Rangers in various roles and appears to be ready for the promotion.  He’s worked well with the organization and apparently was a huge impact on converting Robinson Chirinos from an infielder to a catcher.  The Rangers will benefit from his past experience and knowledge in the minors.  He’s been with a lot of the current players over the last several years and has been part of the development.  Since many of them might be playing with the Rangers in 2015, the team will have the added bonus of the players and the coach already having a solid relationship.