How bad is Former Texas Rangers Alex Rodriguez?


Former Texas Rangers shortstop Alex Rodriguez might be one of the best baseball players ever, but he seems to be one of worst people to ever play the sport.  After serving his year long suspension, at age 39 he has been reinstated.

Some have argued that his suspension isn’t long enough and he shouldn’t have received a life-time ban.  It isn’t helping that now that he’s been reinstated more news of just how bad Alex Rodriguez continues to surface.  There has been recent reports about him urinating on the floor at his cousin’s house, the same cousin who he offered nearly one millions in hush money and that he admitted to the DEA that he used PEDs from BioGenesis.

There wasn’t any doubt from MLB or most in general that Alex Rodriguez had taken PEDs from BioGenesis, but Alex fought hard to deny it and did everything he could to cover it (according to reports).

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Before all of the scandals, PED use, lawsuits, bribes and on field issues most fans uses to support and root for Alex Rodriguez.  Many thought that he was a great power with natural talent, but little did people know until the BioGenesis story broke how he rose to become one of the highest players of all-time.

Now that people know the true Alex Rodriguez fans no longer root for him, but against him.  It is almost like when Barry Bonds was working towards breaking the home run record.  It was a marvelous feat, but the manner in which he did it was question and seems like it will always be tainted.  That is how people will reflect upon Alex Rodriguez’s career now.

It’s hard to deny that Alex Rodriguez is a great ball player, some wouldn’t say the same thing about his postseason performance though.  As for the Rangers he’ll probably be known as a cheat, someone who the Rangers over paid, and someone that the Rangers paid for years to play for the Yankees.

Overall he was bad for the Rangers, is now bad for the Yankees and bad for baseball.  It’s hard to blame it all on Alex Rodriguez though.  For years PEDs have been a part of baseball, not because they allow it, but because it’s been hard to separate the two.  Over they years rules and regulations has helped rid the sport, but players like Alex Rodriguez are still able to use certain drugs by getting permission from MLB.

The problem is Alex Rodriguez went to the extreme on every thing you could do wrong.  He lied, made accusations about people, took people to court, and injected various drugs in his body.   While doing all of those bad things he’s managed to make about $350 MM just from baseball alone.

Rodriguez isn’t the only one to use PEDs in baseball or will be the last one.  Once Rodriguez leaves the sport his career will always be tainted, but for him he might not care because he’ll still have the massive wealth he’s collected over the years.

The new commissioner of baseball Rob Manfred needs to do ensure that players like Alex Rodriguez are caught using PEDs and suspended accordingly.  It’s not an easy task, but it’s something that must be done to not only stop the tainting of a player, but the sport overall.