Texas Rangers third baseman wins Silver Slugger award


The 2014 awards have started to be announced and most recently were the Silver Slugger awards winnings.  Adrian Beltre came up short on winning a Gold Glove this season, but did win his 4th Silver Slugger awards.

Adrian Beltre is in some pretty good company for the award with fellow American League players Mike TroutJose Bautista and Michael Brantley.    This is the second time that Beltre has won the award while with the Texas Rangers.  Overall the Rangers now have 9 players to win the award multiple times and Beltre joins an elite group of 5 infielders winning it more than once.

Although Beltre’s home run totals dropped from 30 to 19, and hits dropped from 199 to 178 he still was able to improve his batting line.  Last season he had a batting line of .315/.371/.509/.880 and had a batting line of .324/.388/.492/ .879.  This season he had the best batting average, most home runs and most RBIs for the Rangers for the second season in a row.

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Besides for his amazing stats this season, Beltre was able to play in 148 games and was only on the disabled list once this season.  If it were up to him, he wouldn’t have missed any games this season.

They have Adrian Beltre contract has him through the 2016 season, but they can void the 2016 if he doesn’t have 1,200 plate-appearances in 2014 to 2015 or 600 in 2015.  He had 614 PA in 2014, which puts him on pace to make the 1,200, which at this point seems very good for the Texas Rangers.  Hopefully Adrian Beltre will stay healthy for several more years and continue to collect awards like the Silver Slugger awards.