Should Adrian Beltre move to DH?


Bleacher Report featured an article two things that the Texas Rangers need to change before Spring Training.  One thing they mentioned was moving Adrian Beltre, who is 35 years old, from third base to designated hitter next season and playing Jurickson Profar at third base.

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Beltre did take a bit of a decline last season, but he still proved still has a lot left in the tank.  He managed to lead the Rangers in batting average (.324). runs (79), RBI (77) and home runs (19).  His offensive WAR was 5.9 last season, up from 2013 (5.8).  His defensive WAR was 1.4 last season, again up from 2013 (-0.2).   Basically it means that Beltre is at least maintaining his talent and did manage to improve a bit with his defense.  His defensive WAR was where it was when he won a Gold Glove back in 2012.

In my opinion Beltre probably would have had more impressive number if the Texas Rangers overall had played better.   Beltre might have been more conservative at third base last season to help ensure he remained healthy and was ready to go in 2015.

Moving Jurickson Profar to third base or even at designated hitter doesn’t seem like the right answer for him or the Rangers.  First of all they have Beltre at third who has proven he still has the ability to play excellent defense and also he’s not likely ready to give up playing in the field just yet.  It’s hard enough just getting Beltre to sit out a game to rest, even when he’s injured.

Profar doesn’t have a lot of experience at third base.  He’s only played there 10 times over the past 3 years (2 seasons).   Also, Profar has a lot of work to do to make it back to a major league roster after missing the entire 2014 season due to a torn muscle in his shoulder.  My guess is Profar and the Rangers will take their time with his rehab and won’t be ready for the majors until around the All-star break.

Once he does comeback the Texas Rangers will need to find a place for him to play full-time and that might have to be in the outfield if anything, especially if Elvis Andrus and Rougned Odor continue to have success in the middle-infield.

Overall, hopefully Beltre will continue to be  Beltre.  He’s been outstanding and amazing over his entire career and the Rangers are lucky to have him on their team.  If the team is able to keep healthy and compete for a playoff spot expect Beltre to step up his game another notch and continue to amaze fans.  As far as Jurickson Profar is concerned, hopefully he’ll get healthy and won’t require surgery.  If he does require surgery he’ll be out another year and at that point people might question his baseball career.  He does have a ton of talent, but two years away from baseball is pretty tough to bounce back from, but he does have youth on his side.