Texas Rangers Truck Day


On Monday, the Texas Rangers had one of the most exciting days that means Spring Training is right around the corner – TRUCK DAY!

Truck Day has become one of the days I look forward to each year. It signifies that Texas Rangers baseball is indeed coming very soon. Members of the media head to the ballpark to take and share pictures of the truck being packed up with all the equipment our players will need for camp. Even players come out to help send off the 18-wheelers as they head out west.

Catcher Robinson Chirinos and second baseman Rougned Odor were on hand to ensure everything made its way onto the truck.

So, what exactly are the Texas Rangers taking to Surprise, Arizona?

According to T.R. Sullivan (MLB.com) the Rangers loaded the truck with 600 dozen baseballs, with another 800 dozen scheduled to be shipped to camp before it’s all said and done. That is crazy! I never really thought about the team having to pack their own baseballs let alone have a budget for them.

That’s 16,800 baseballs for about 40 days in the desert.

Texas Rangers equipment manager Richard Price says their budget is $340,000 per year for baseballs, writes Sullivan.

I know pitchers are picky about their baseballs, goodness knows Yu Darvish will get a new one look at it, ask for another one, look at that one, throw it back and repeat until he finds just the right one to throw. But, we’re talking about Spring Training!

Lucky for the Rangers’ baseball budget, they’re also bringing Oysters.

Yes, Oysters.

I did a double-take upon reading that as well. So, what is this Oyster?

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Baseballoyster.com describes the machine as “a revolutionary device that cleans up to 30 dirty baseballs at one time.”

I thought this was a cool invention, hope it saves more than a dozen baseballs and wanted to share with you.

Also on the Spring Training-bound truck are about 240 bats, and 61 uniforms for the current 61 players going to Surprise. Maybe the NASA Scientists who invented the Oyster can come up with something to help players hold on to their bats a little longer.

Does this make you excited for Spring Training? I can’t be the only one who gets this happy about a truck being loaded, right?


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