Yu Darvish: The Fans React


Do you remember where you were Saturday morning when your baseball world came crashing down? What were your thoughts when you read “Yu Darvish has a sprained UCL in throwing elbow and is facing the possibility of Tommy John Surgery”?

I was just waking up and turning on my computer when I received the text from MLB. To say the least, my day felt ruined. It took me what seemed like forever to write a few sentences because the thought of not having Darvish this season was too much for me. That said, I honestly never thought the season was already a wash.

However, those on Twitter had a different perspective. Lucky for you I’ve already done the emotional search and have them here for you. There are a lot of tweets that I couldn’t add because I try to keep this family-friendly and many people tweeted just one four letter word. Let’s get started!

Of course Yu Darvish’s injury MUST be because of Jon Daniels and/or Nolan Ryan left the Texas Rangers, right? A lot of folks seem to think so.

Jon Daniels also stated Yu Darvish could opt for rest and rehab, which reminds us of Jurickson Profar‘s decision that will cost him two seasons instead of one.

There are non-Rangers fans who are happy that we’ll be without Darvish this season, but there are some who showed class and support for the team and their fans.

But, not everyone has decided to give up on the Texas Rangers and have really embraced Jeff Banister‘s motto #NeverEverQuit.

Derek Holland took to Twitter to reply to some fans and media who have already quit on the team and to show support of his teammate.

Holland couldn’t be more accurate if he tried. We are all keeping Yu Darvish in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy but EXTREMELY healthy recovery. I’m known for being ridiculously optimistic about the Texas Rangers, but isn’t that what being a fan is all about? Always believing your team and never quitting on them? I believe that an entire season doesn’t rest solely on one pitcher’s shoulders because if it did I would have left the Texas Rangers Loyal FanClub a LONG time ago! I believe in this team. How about you?

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