Texas Rangers: Predictions For the 2015 Season

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Mar 14, 2015; Peoria, AZ, USA; A Texas Rangers cap sits in the dugout against the San Diego Padres at Peoria Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers Record:

Heath: I’m going to stick with my original prediction of 91-71. Sure A LOT has to go right for this to happen, but I believe it will. The Rangers won’t win the division, but they will get a wildcard.

Ryan: Record/Finish: 83-79, with the loss of Yu Darvish I think the Rangers end up falling short of the playoffs.

Lisa: The Texas Rangers will surprise everyone and finish with a record of 86-76 earning a Wild Card spot.

Leslie: 76-86

David Hill: 77-85. That’s what I see the Red Sox doing, and I think the Rangers are essentially the same team. I think that will be good enough for fourth, but I would not be surprised if the Astros went past them this season.

Jason: I’m going with 75-87, solely to set the bar low. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised when this team comes out of nowhere to compete! Unfortunately, this division is tough. Even if the Rangers approach 80 wins, that may not keep them out of the cellar without some major injuries to another club.

Colin: There’s no one more optimistic than a Rangers Fan in the spring. In keeping with that, I’m throwing in some very optimistic predictions.

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Record – 82 wins 80 losses.  I think we’re a better than a .500 ballclub this year. After 95 losses last year, that’s a big jump but we all know last year was a glitch more than a reflection of the ball team. 2016 could be a stronger year once Banister has a year under his belt and the team sorts out what its identity is.

Finish – Fourth in the AL West.  I think this is the M’s year. We’ll be behind Seattle and Oakland. The Angels should be in that race, but they caught a tough break on the Josh Hamilton deal. They crawled in bed with that multi-million dollar liability and have to lie in it. Hopefully, we’ll be ahead of the Astros. BTW – if we manage to finish in front of the Angels, Mike Scioscia will be job hunting in Anaheim.

Ace: 74-88, 5th in AL West

The opening Over/Under is around 76-77, and I don’t see the Rangers getting up to that number after the fall of Yu Darvish. With their ace getting Tommy John, it’s going to take somewhat of a miracle effort, embracing with energy and not dwelling with tears on the fact that they’ve fallen way out of favor in baseball contention.

And yes, that’s right…a last place prediction that is hopefully very, very wrong.

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