Texas Rangers Adrian Beltre Forgets New Batter’s Box Rule


When you have been doing your job for as long as Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre has, it is understandable that a new rule may slip your mind. After all, Beltre, the seventeen year veteran, is used to playing by a specific set of guidelines that have been in place almost since the dawn of baseball itself.

That adjustment period was on full display on Tuesday. Beltre forgot the rule about how batters are supposed to remain in the batter’s box this season to help speed up the pace of play, wandering out after a Jesse Hahn pitch to collect his thoughts and get the signs from the third base coach. Suddenly, Beltre remembered the rule, scampering back int he box before Hahn had time to throw a pitch.

It was a matter of time before someone forgot about that new rule. Naturally, it would be Adrian Beltre, who has been a source of great amusement over the past few years, at least where Elvis Andrus is concerned. At least, for the sake of Beltre’s dignity, Andrus did not rush out on to the field to guide him back into the batter’s box.

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Of course, this gaff could end up being a source of constant entertainment for the Rangers and Beltre. We all know how much Andrus enjoys toying with Beltre when it comes to touching his head, so could this situation lead to more joking around between the two? Perhaps Andrus has the grounds crew put in an extra thick line around the batter’s box, or tries to fence him in during batting practice.

The sheer enjoyment that Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus have when it comes to playing together is truly great to watch. Even if Beltre gets frustrated with his partner in crime at times, even throwing a glove at him, their relationship and looseness can help bring a ballclub together quickly. If one puts any stock into clubhouse chemistry at all, these antics certainly help develop that camaraderie.

After forgetting the new rule about exiting the batter’s box, Adrian Beltre is not likely to forget going forward. Chances are, in one way or another, Elvis Andrus will not let him forget this mistake either.

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