Texas Rangers Could Actually Get Russell Wilson on the Field


When last most of the nation saw Russell Wilson, he had thrown an ill advised interception to Malcolm Butler as the Seattle Seahawks were seemingly about to take the lead in the Super Bowl. The Patriots ended up running out the clock, and everyone outside of New England was truly miserable with the result.

For fans of the Texas Rangers, Wilson has made other appearances. He spent a day in Spring Training with the Rangers, who had selected him in the chosen him in the 2013 Rule V draft. Before focusing on football, and being drafted by the Seahawks, Wilson had been a two sport star in college, getting drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the fourth round of the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft.

A solid second baseman, Russell Wilson played two seasons in the Rockies system, producing a .229/.354/.356 batting line with five home runs and 19 stolen bases. He was a solid defensive second baseman as well, with a 4.74 range factor and a .983 fielding percentage. Obviously, there is no question about his arm at second.

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Unfortunately for those who would want to see Wilson in a Texas Rangers uniform and see what he would be able to do, it would seem that is football career would make that dream an impossibility. Yet, that may not be the case. Maybe it is just a ploy to get a better contract from the Seahawks, but Wilson is leaving open the possibility of resurrecting his baseball career, stating that he “does not want to kill the dream.”

There was a time when the two sport star was at least somewhat common. Players like Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and Brian Jordan played both football and baseball. There were even those who played baseball and basketball, such as Danny Ainge, and from the era before, Dave DeBusschere and The Rifleman, Chuck Connors. However, those players have since gone the way of the dinosaur.

If Russell Wilson is serious, then the two sport athlete may make a bit of a comeback. In an era of the specialized athlete, where children are being steered towards one sport more than another even in junior high, it would be refreshing to see Wilson become the next two sport athlete.

For those of us who wonder what it would be like to see Russell Wilson on the Texas Rangers, there may actually be a chance that this happens. It may be a remote possibility, but just like Lloyd said in the first Dumb and Dumber movie, so you’re telling me there’s a chance?

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