Texas Rangers Could Save Josh Hamilton By Bringing Him Back


Talk about a surprise plot twist in the Josh Hamilton saga with the Los Angeles Angels. After their spat about whether or not Hamilton can be suspended, and the idea that the Angels will try to get out of his contract, it seems that the Texas Rangers former right fielder may be on the way back to Arlington.

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On a purely human level, such a move would make sense for Hamilton. It was here that he truly tapped into his potential, becoming a perennial All-Star player, an MVP and one of the most feared sluggers in the game. That is not to say that his struggles with drugs and alcohol were entirely behind him, as he did have his relapses. However, the Rangers were able to manage Hamilton, keeping him relatively on the straight and narrow.

Now that he has struggled in Los Angeles and has fallen off the wagon, Josh Hamilton needs the support more than ever as he looks to get his life turned back around. Instead, he finds himself on a team that is doing everything it can to avoid bringing him back, which could lead to a truly toxic work environment. For someone already undergoing treatment for a relapse, this is not the type of place that Hamilton should be in.

Instead, he may find himself back on the team that was initially able to harness the player that he could be. Even more importantly, he could find himself back in a place where he can once again find himself, and get into a better mindset. Perhaps the Rangers can even get Shayne Kelley along with him, giving Hamilton yet another familiar face in an environment that will accept him and wants him there.

Josh Hamilton has had more ups and downs in his life than most of us could ever imagine. At this point, his baseball career is secondary to getting Hamilton back on the right path and sober once more. However, if baseball can be that avenue to sobriety and can help keep him on track, then the Texas Rangers may be the best place for him to continue his career.

The Rangers may be getting Hamilton at the absolute nadir of his value, and there is no guarantee that he will ever be a productive major league player again, but sometimes we need to look beyond what a player can bring to the ball club. This trade, if it happens, may be more about saving Josh Hamilton than anything baseball related.

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