Texas Rangers Officially Bring Josh Hamilton Home


Well, it is now official. The Prodigal Son has returned home as the Texas Rangers have pulled the trigger on the rumored trade to bring Josh Hamilton back to Arlington. The Angels will be picking up the vast majority of Hamilton’s salary, with the Rangers on the hook for only $7 Million of $90.2 Million he is owed through 2017. In exchange, the Rangers will be sending the Angels the ever popular Player to be Named Later or cash considerations.

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Considering the type of player that Hamilton was considered just two short years ago, the fact that the Rangers are getting him back for essentially nothing of any actual consequence speaks volumes to how far his star has fallen. Of course, given the Angels desire to be as far removed from Hamilton as possible, it is difficult to imagine that they would have received anything useful for him, aside from getting him off their roster.

Likewise, given Josh Hamilton’s struggles with his addictions, as well as his declining performance, it is difficult to imagine that any team would really want to take the chance on a change of scenery. Yet, if Hamilton is to recapture his form and be the player he once was, it may be that the Texas Rangers are the right place for him to be.

Considering that all this experiment is going to cost the Rangers is that $7 Million through 2017, it is definitely a worthwhile gamble. If Hamilton is unable to be that player that he had been, or if he relapses once again, the Rangers can walk away with minimal impact to the bottom line. If he does pan out, and his redemption story comes to fruition, then the Josh Hamilton soap opera could possibly get to end on a positive note. Considering all that he has been through in his life, it would certainly be a nice change of pace.

Maybe Josh Hamilton is no longer the player that he once was, but that may not matter. If he can get back to being himself and feeling the support that he so desperately needs, that may be more than enough to get him going once more. For the Texas Rangers, it is definitely worth that minimal cost.

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