Texas Rangers Drop Two Spots in FSMLB Power Rankings


Last week was rough for the Texas Rangers. They were swept by the Seattle Mariners before losing two of three to the Oakland A’s. The pitching staff has struggled, the offense has struggled, and frustrations have to be mounting. In fact, General Manager Jon Daniels has promised major changes in the near future.

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Will that threat, and the ambiguity behind it, be enough to wake the Rangers from their early season malaise? Since that statement, the Rangers did win a thrilling contest against the Houston Astros on Monday, the type of game that they would normally have lost. Ross Detwiler pitched seven excellent innings, and the Rangers scored in the eighth and ninth innings to take the victory.

Maybe that game is a sign of a turnaround. Maybe, just maybe, the Texas Rangers can break out of their malaise. However, that Monday performance did not matter in this week’s FanSided MLB Power Rankings, mainly because they were compiled on Monday morning. This week, the Rangers slid back two spots to 28th, ahead of only the Philadelphia Phillies and the Milwaukee Brewers, who already fired their manager.

That is not to say that there haven’t been bright spots. Even if it is likely unsustainable, Nick Martinez has been a revelation, and could be a solid building block for the rotation. Prince Fielder has hit well and is healthy. The bullpen has been better than expected. April has not been entirely bad.

While the Rangers have struggled, there is a chance that those comments by Daniels can give them a swift kick. Sometimes, it just takes a warning like that, or some sort of change in personnel, such as Jeff Banister keeping Rougned Odor on the bench, can provide that spark. Monday’s victory was a great beginning, but can the Rangers keep that up?

Hopefully, they will be able to. Sometimes, it just takes that one game to make all the difference in a season. Winning one game that, normally, a team would not have won can be a catalyst to a winning streak and change the course of the season. It would certainly be great if that was to happen for the Texas Rangers.

On the plus side, at least the Rangers really do not have any place to go but up in the power rankings.

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