Texas Rangers 2015 MLB Draft Updated Mock Drafts

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Both Manuel and McDaniel address a need of the future as the Rangers have struggled to find a second baseman since they traded away Ian Kinsler. With Rougned Odor struggling and Andrus a potential trade piece, the Rangers need to stock all the middle infielders that they can. While Rodgers may have a higher ceiling, Bregman offers is a high floor player that has shown he can hit at a high level in a good conference. Bregman will be ready sooner than Rodgers which may be more appealing to a team with an older core of players. Of the two, I would take Rodgers if he falls to fourth overall but Bregman has a higher chance of making it to the Rangers.

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With Mayo’s pick of Cameron, I would like the pick if Bregman and Rodgers are off the board but I would not take him over either of the other two. I could still see the Rangers taking Dillon Tate from UC Santa Barbara. If all four of these options are available for the fourth pick, I would take Brendan Rodgers and let this Rangers coaching staff coach him up like they have with several others before him. With Cameron and Rodgers being high school players and Tate and Bregman being juniors, all four would have the option to turn down a Rangers offer if they do not offer the money they want.

With their second round pick, the Rangers could get end up with one of the injured pitchers like Mike Matuella who is dealing with an injury and would require rehab before playing with the team.

The 2015 MLB Draft begins June 8, who do you want the Rangers to draft?

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