Texas Rangers Fan Base Has Above Average Grammar


Good news Texas Rangers fans, we are not the worst MLB fan base when it comes to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. In fact, we are the 12th best in all of baseball. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Rangers fan base makes 6.3 mistakes per 100 words. Fans can take comfort in the fact that even if the team is still behind in the standings to the Houston Astros, the Astros fan base makes twice as many errors, coming in at 12.7 mistakes per 100 words. In this first paragraph alone, I have on average already made six errors (although I’m hoping it is zero).

The results were provided by Grammarly, an online grammar checker that is used to proofread any and all online writing. This was previously done by the Wall Street Journal for the NFL, although the entire results are available only to subscribers. The title of the article does indicate that the Washington Redskins had the most mistakes per 100 words. Grammarly “reviewed 150 reader comments from the news section of each team website—10,592 total words, on average, per team” in order to determine the best and worst when it comes to grammar.

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Results from the Grammarly study into the Grammar skills of each of the 30 MLB fan bases.

The top two spots are both teams from the National League East, with the New York Mets coming in at 13.9 mistakes per 100 words and the Philadelphia Phillies with 13.5. The best fan base in the “Grammar Power Rankings” goes to the Cleveland Indians who make just 3.6 mistake per 100 words. Taking a look overall, the two Chicago teams average out at 5.0 mistakes per 100 words while the New York teams average at 13.0 mistakes per 100 words. The two Texas teams average out at 9.5 mistakes per 100 words.

Taking a look around the rest of the American League West, the Rangers come out ahead compared to the Oakland Athletics (10.7) and Houston Astros (12.7) while the Los Angeles are slightly better (6.2) and the Seattle Mariners made the top five (5.2). Overall, the National League came out ahead of the American League with less mistakes. The article also notes that the Royals “were the most verbose in their comments” and concludes that “Royals fans spend too much time on the Internet” when combining this with the recent All-Star ballot stuffing accusations.

Overall, great job to the Rangers fan base for keeping their grammar in check when commenting. If somebody had asked me before the survey how many errors there would be I would have guessed at least twice the number for each team since it is easier to not care about the grammar when commenting on an article. The best way to present an argument is with clear and concise language, even when in your mind you are screaming at whatever Jon Daniels is up to that day.

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