Texas Rangers Rehab Interview Part I: Josh Hamilton


More Texas Rangers reinforcements are on the way.

Wednesday afternoon the Frisco Roughriders played one of those unpopular but existing 11:05 matinee baseball games. Players aren’t crazy about them, coaches, ushers and even the home plate umpire exited the game after the sixth inning due to the heat.

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The crowd was nevertheless entertained. The Riders lost a wild game, 10-9 (moving to 1-1 in the second half of Texas League play) but the real showcase was the rehab starting assignments from Matt Harrison (back) and Josh Hamilton (hamstring).

After the game, both players –as well as Texas Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux— spoke to members of the media.

First up is Josh Hamilton, who went 1-for-3 with a double and a walk in his game with the RoughRiders yesterday. Since being acquired, Hamilton has played just seven games with the major league club, hitting .273/.385/.636 with a pair of runs batted in. With a crowded outfield, it will be interesting to see where Hamilton is slotted both in the lineup as well as defensively.

Josh Hamilton

How did you feel today?

"Good, good. Thought it went good. Took some pitches, worked the count. Put some good swings on balls, even the strikeout. Felt good overall, running the bases was good. Going to New Orleans this afternoon and play tomorrow night in the field."

Looking to see from yourself?

"Get in the outfield, playing the game. React and then see how (I) feel the next day. That’s the biggest thing when you go through injuries, to see how you feel the next day."

How has the last month been, after just a brief return to the Majors?

"It’s been tough. But you realize you can’t do anything about it except do your work and try to heal as fast as you can. It’s been fun watching the guys, it’s been even more fun enjoying them and trying to contribute."

About being back playing games with the Rangers.

"Yeah, old times man. The whole time I was there…it was a lot of fun, reminded me of how it used to be. The camaraderie from the guys and the chemistry in the clubhouse. Guys going down, guys stepping in and getting the job done when guys are out. All those things reminded me about those teams I was on in Texas."

Asked about Joey Gallo.

"Oh, man. A lot of potential obviously. He’s a great player already. He’s gonna continue to grow. Pitchers are going to see him and make adjustments, it’s the same old game. He’s gotta adjust to them and continue battling. His power is off the charts, awesome. It’s fun to watch. Every swing is an absolute hack. Foul balls are just missed. Guys are like *wow*, you know. It’s a lot of fun. He’s adjusting to outfield, playing third base, he’s just a good athlete. I think he’s going to do great and have a long career."

How different this time around in Frisco?

"Well hopefully I’m starting a trend. Next time it will be a couple days *laughs*. It was good. 11:00 games are killing me, ‘what the heck?!’ but it’s fun. I was glad to be back. Always fun to come here and play. Good to see the wind changing directions a bit today."

Could this be a special year in Arlington?

"Yeah, it’s coming down to the second half. A lot of teams are close, all around baseball. It’s gonna be a fight to the end, it’s gonna be a fun one and I know are team’s up for it. Be on the lookout for part II of the Rehab Interview series which will feature starting pitcher Matt Harrison.Next: Texas Rangers Fan Base Has Above Average Grammar Yeah, it’s coming down to the second half. A lot of teams are close, all around baseball. It’s gonna be a fight to the end, it’s gonna be a fun one and I know are team’s up for it."