Derek Holland Rehabs with Frisco RoughRiders


Last night, the Texas Rangers pitcher affectionately called the “Dutch Oven” made his third rehab start of the year and the first for Double-AA Frisco. Derek Holland continues to battle back from a left shoulder strain suffered just nine pitches into his 2015 campaign. Holland pitched only 37 innings in 2014 after a maybe-it-was-his-dog-maybe-it-wasn’t knee injury. Safe to say things have gone way off path for the 28-year old southpaw in the past two seasons.

Holland’s rehab starts haven’t resulted in pretty results so far, but according to Dutch himself, he feels fine and that’s really all that matters.

In two starts with AAA Round Rock, Derek Holland went 3.2 innings, surrendering 4 runs (3 earned) while striking out 6 and walking 4.

Last night in Frisco, on a designated 60 pitch count limit, Holland lasted 3.1 innings, allowing 7 hits and 3 runs, all on a first inning mammoth shot. He walked one and struck out 5.

After last night’s start he caught up with some esteemed members of the media…as well as myself.

How do you feel?

"First off, that first inning was crazy wasn’t it?  I feel good. You know everything was there, I feel strong. That’s the big question, you know. That’s what we always talk about, making sure one, I’m in shape, two my arm is good to go and three just being able to compete out there. Obviously the first inning was one of those crazy innings that happens, but I settled down, got the guys back into the ballgame, made my pitches and I feel very confident with where I am."

How close are you?

"I’d be ready after one more (start). But that’s me. (Rangers GM) JD (Jon Daniels) and them guys, it’s their call. Hopefully you know, they agree that I’m ready. I don’t really read into the lines, obviously we saw how everything was last year and then what happened when I came up there. It’s all about getting ready for the big leagues, not getting ready for AA and AAA."

Did last year’s experience help with this year?

"Yeah, the main thing is just to stay positive. It’s been a rough two years for me. I’m not asking to get hurt or anything like that, I’m trying as hard as I can to be with my teammates and my guys up there. But overall I know how to handle myself and keep myself on the positive side. I gotta give a lot of credit."

Has the last two year’s changed the way you approach pitching?

"No. Still the same. I’m gonna go out there and compete every time."

Excited about the team’s new acquisitions?

"I’m very excited. It just shows that JD wants to win. We’re going after what we need to to win this division. Obviously the Wild Card is in reach as well. But if we keep going out there and winning ballgames we’ll be right up there with those guys. But huge pickups."

Next step?

"Friday is my next start (in Frisco). Everything will be the same. I’m actually going up to the (Rangers) stadium tomorrow because they have an off day here. Everything will still be the same I’m not gonna change a thing."


"Yeah, oh yeah. Everything feels good. You guys can see where my velo is at. I feel strong, everything’s just like it’s normally been. Command has been a little off but I’m not worried because I know it’s gonna click when I need it to. Main focus is ‘when I come out of the game, do I feel good?’"

Mental side the past two years?

"The main thing is not beating yourself up. You know, at least there’s things you can control. Freak accidents you can’t control, (you can’t control) coming out Opening Day and (having a) shoulder injury. You try to go out there everyday and compete. To have it happen, it sucks. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. It feels to me like you’re letting down your fans, you’re letting down your teammates, everybody, because you’re no longer apart of that team. You feel left out. That’s one of the biggest things. It really sucks, you’ll walk down the hallway and you kind of feel like a ghost. This year it feels different because this year we’re actually in it. Last year nobody was having fun. On top of all the injuries it was a lonely time. But now going through everything, I’m definitely a little more positive and definitely (have) a lot more energy because I know how to handle it. I’m carrying myself a lot better. It is a very frustrating thing to go through. Nobody wants to go through it and I wish nobody ever does go through it. But it’s all about staying strong and staying focused with what you gotta do to get yourself back on the field."

More urgency to return with team in race?

"I mean, I wanna get back there, that’s the main thing. I’d love to be apart of this, that’s the huge part. These guys are competing and playing their butts off –I gotta make sure I say the right thing– but these guys are competing real hard and I want to be apart of it. I wanted to be apart of it when they were losing, I want to be apart of it when they’re winning. You know it’s a team game, this is my family and I wanna do whatever it takes."

BONUS QUESTION: How did you like your bobblehead? (RoughRiders had a Derek Holland bobblehead giveaway the previous game)

"It was sharp. I liked it!"

Rock on, Dutch.

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