Jurickson Profar gaining trade interest from other teams


Texas Rangers shortstop Jurickson Profar is quickly becoming the talk of the Arizona Fall League and recent trade rumors.  The most notable team looking to acquire the shortstop are the New York Yankees.

Most Rangers fans who have followed the team over the past few seasons remember Profar very well.  He was the a top prospect in the majors who got some regular playing time in 2013.  But, he was victim of the 2014 injury bug and ended up require surgery at the end of the 2014 season.  That surgery required him to miss the entire season it the Rangers and only has been playing in minor league ball and now the Arizona Fall League.

While with the Arizona Fall League he’s only been place in the designated hitter hole.  But, he’s seems to be flourishing well in that spot.

Profar is a very attractive trade target, but it could be because he currently has low value.   Once the trade rumor about the Yankees wanting to acquire Jurickson Profar one scout said this about him.

"“I like Profar, but if you are Texas, you have to ask full value for him, and how could you give up full value for a player who we don’t know yet if he can throw?” – Joel Sherman (New York Post)"

Jon Daniels was asked about the trade rumors and basically said there’s little chance they’ll move Profar.  Which in my opinion makes perfect sense.  Here we have a player who basically hasn’t played baseball in about 2 years.  He had a lot of promise and flashes of greatness in 2013, but now it’s 2015 and he’s barely put any miles on his new shoulder.  It wouldn’t make any sense for the Texas Rangers to shop him or trade him until he has established some of his value back.

That will take some time and won’t happen in the Arizona Fall League.  I’d expect Profar to join the Texas Rangers in Spring Training and work to fight for a spot on the roster.  But, more than likely he’ll end up in the minors to gain regular playing time where he can play defense and bat every day.  That’s what it’s going to take to re-establish his value.

Watch: Jurickson Profar hits a pinch-hit walk-off home run to lead off the bottom of the ninth and give the Rangers a 6-5 victory – 9/26/13

He’s a great kid who’s only 23 years old with a lot of potential left.  The best thing to do for the Rangers is to hold on to him and let him show every one what he can do.   I know I’m ready to see it again and I wish the best for him.

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