Texas Rangers: Can Banister Lead Texas To The World Series?


Jeff Banister has been the manager of the Texas Rangers for two seasons and so far and he’s done a fantastic job. When Banister was hired most Rangers fans were not pleased. Today most fans are pleased with his progress. He’s now entering his third season.

Banister was hired by the Texas Rangers on October 16, 2014. Banister said before the 2015 season began the key for his team to succeed is to work together. In Banister’s view, it’s all about team effort.

Banister’s first season finished with an 88-74 record with a trip to the playoffs. Banister would go on to be named American League Manager of the Year. Certainly, a good start to the Banister era.

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2016 turned out be better. Texas would win their second consecutive A.L. West for the third time in franchise history. Texas, of course, would enter the playoffs as the best American League team with home-field advantage in the playoffs. However, Texas didn’t go very far.

Banister’s record as manager is 183-141, including 2-6 in the playoffs. Since arriving in Arlington, he’s been managing this ball club very well. Two American League West titles in his first two seasons is definitely something nobody would have expected from Banister.

I expect Banister to manage Texas to a very good 2017 season. If Banister’s starting lineup and pitching rotation and bullpen can stay healthy and focused, then Texas can win a third straight American League West title, and hopefully go deep in the playoffs.

Banister’s done a very good job of putting talents at their right positions. Above all else, he’s got the respect and trust of his players. That’s very important when it comes to building a successful baseball team.

The way Banister manages this club, there’s no doubt that he can take the team back to the World Series. Banister’s been building a team full of talent. In any case, his leadership and managing is perfectly capable of helping Texas bring a World Series Trophy to Arlington.