Texas Rangers: 5 Insane Trades The Team Could Make This Season

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds
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Could the Texas Rangers really acquire four-time All-Star and former MVP first baseman Joey Votto? Yes, they could, but Votto would have to waive his no-trade clause in his contract. The Reds are interested in moving Votto, but he has no interest in playing elsewhere.

In 2016 Votto hit .326/.434/.550 with 29 home runs and 97 RBI in 158 games with the Reds. Another huge year for Votto, but the Reds do not have the offensive talent to help him. Votto is signed through the 2023 season with a team option for 2024.

At some point Votto must accept the fact that the Reds are rebuilding and he needs to allow a trade. The Reds can get a potential organization changing return on Votto as he is one of the best players in the MLB right now.

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The Rangers would likely have to give up Gallo, Mazara, and a few prospects. It would take a lot of talent to get Votto from the Reds, but it is possible. Adding Votto would be a game-changer for the Rangers lineup.

Votto has power, great plate discipline, and good defense. He is one of the best in the game and could take the Rangers to the next level. The Rangers would also have to take on his huge salary most likely.

A deal that owes Votto over 20 million every season throughout the deal. The Reds would likely have to take on some of the salary especially if they are getting a huge return of prospects in return.

This deal is a possibility, but Votto would need to waive his no-trade clause and right now he does not want to. Although by mid-season of 2017 Votto might change his mind and become one of the biggest trade acquisitions in Rangers history.