Texas Rangers: Should Martin Perez Stay in The Starting Rotation?

ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 03: Martin Perez (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 03: Martin Perez (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Despite the struggles the Texas Rangers have stayed committed to Martin Perez in the starting rotation. He’s signed through 2020, but would he be better served in the bullpen rather than the starting rotation?

It’s been four seasons since starting pitcher Martin Perez has posted an ERA under 4. The Texas Rangers continue to put their faith in Perez, but his lack on consistency is hurting the organization. The 26-year-old has three more team options after this season, but the team should really think hard about it before accepting.

This season Perez is 4-6 with a 4.60 ERA in 16 starts. He’s thrown 88 innings, but continues to give up too much contact. The opposing batters are hitting .314 off Perez this season. He’s allowed 111 hits and we’re only at the All-Star break.

His inability to miss bats could lead Perez down a different path soon. The starting rotation might not be the best place for Perez anymore. A trade or a move to the bullpen is the best solution for the future of the Rangers organization.

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It’s time to move on from Perez in the starting rotation. Shifting Perez to the bullpen could help as he wouldn’t be forced to pitch five or six innings every outing. Giving up 200 plus hits a season is not a good sign for any pitcher.

If Perez has value on the trade market then the Rangers should take advantage of it. Only 26 years old with three years left on his deal is a steal for many organizations. He’s a relatively cheap pitcher that is controllable for multiple seasons.

Pursuing a trade is likely a better move than the bullpen, but keeping Perez in the Rangers rotation is a bad idea. There’s a chance Perez pitches better out of the pen, but the fact he’s a controllable young pitcher makes him valuable.

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The Rangers have tried, but it’s not working out with Perez. It’s time to trade him or move Perez into the bullpen. The second half rotation should not involve Martin Perez.