Texas Rangers: Can They Retain The Silver Boot?

ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 11: Adrian Beltre
ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 11: Adrian Beltre /

The Texas Rangers win their second straight series against their in-state rivals, the Houston Astros. The Rangers are now 5-8 against Houston this season. There are six games remaining between the two clubs this season. However, Houston being ahead puts the Rangers in a bit of a predicament. But at least the Rangers have a shot of retaining their Silver Boot.

The Texas Rangers have found a way to retain their Silver Boot for two straight years. Since 2007, the Silver Boot found itself in Houston only once, which was in during the Rangers infamous 2014 injury-plagued season.

The Rangers are currently 100-61 dating back to 2001. Furthermore, the Rangers are 53-23 against Houston since the Astros joined the American League West. At some point this season, the Rangers were 1-6 against Houston. Since then, the Rangers are 4-2. However, Houston has outscored Texas 69-45. Last two years, it was the Rangers who bullied the Astros and this year, it’s Houston doing the bullying.

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So can the Rangers find a way to keep the Silver Boot in Arlington? Yes, they can. Of course, it’s not going to be easy, since Texas is three games behind are there’s only six remaining between the two clubs. One series is in Houston and the other is in Arlington.

One way to avoid losing the Silver Boot is to avoid being swept by Houston. In Texas’ case, they need to sweep Houston. Since the next series is in Houston, the chance of Texas sweeping the Astros is quite slim, but then again, anything can happen, especially since Texas has won two straight series against Houston.

What the big disadvantage for Texas is that if Texas goes 4-2 in the last six, Houston wins it with a 10-9 record. So Texas has to sweep Houston in one of the series to have a chance. Texas going 5-1 allows Texas to win the series 10-9.

What the Rangers need to do is simple; they need to stay focused and be ready for anything. Texas’ next series against Houston is at the end of this month. If the Rangers come into the series having won every previous series, the Rangers will have the necessary momentum to win this series.

If the Rangers sweep Houston in one of the series and wins another 2 games to one, then the Silver Boot is staying put. Of course, sweeping Houston in both series is another way to secure it, too.