Texas Rangers: Recapping Elvis Andrus’ 2017 season

ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 21: Elvis Andrus
ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 21: Elvis Andrus /

Despite the terrible season, the Texas Rangers had some players who gave it their best all season long. Elvis Andrus is one of them. The Rangers missed the postseason, but nonetheless, Elvis came into every game intending to put on a show and play good baseball.

2016 was Andrus’ best so far with the Texas Rangers. 2017 would go one to be better for him. While the Rangers missed the playoffs and finished 78-84, it didn’t stop him from being himself. Andrus did a good job of not letting disappointing finishes get the best of him. Andrus just went out every night and did what he loves to do and just play some baseball. Even when Texas was officially out of contention, he went out there and played his best.

This season, Andrus finished with career-highs in hits(191), doubles(44), home runs(20), RBIs(88), and strikeouts(101). Andrus is now fifth in franchise history in hits with 1,457.

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Andrus, however, did not make the All-Star this year. However, truth be told, Andrus accomplished something better. Andrus became a father. While he climbed up the ranks and played very good baseball, Andrus achieved great success in his personal life.

Despite Andrus making an impact all season, the Rangers overall were not good on offense. Not just on offense, but as a ball club overall, the Rangers were not a good team. It’s no surprise Andrus’ spectacular play wasn’t enough. One player can’t carry the whole team. It’s called teamwork.

Andrus expressed his disappointment about the Rangers not making it to the playoffs. “It just didn’t happen,” he said in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Jeff Wilson. “Hopefully we can learn from everything that happened this year, get over it, and get ready for the next year.”

Andrus says it’s all about working together and helping each other out. “You win as a team and you lose as a team,” he said. Everybody wants to do their best and there’s no reason to point any fingers.”

In Andrus’ case, everyone has to make an impact in order to be a successful ball club. Pointing the finger and blaming someone else doesn’t help.