Texas Rangers: Could Nomar Mazara Get Better in 2018?

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 30: Nomar Mazara (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 30: Nomar Mazara (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images) /

The Texas Rangers have some young sluggers that are likely going to be the future of the organization. Has outfielder Nomar Mazara reached his full potential or could he get even better in 2018?

The 2017 season ended in frustration for the Texas Rangers, but the future looks bright in Arlington. They have young sluggers that could potentially be leaders of the organization for the next decade.

Both Joey Gallo and Rougned Odor look like all-or-nothing power hitters. They will give Texas 25-30 home runs, but they will also strike out 150-200 times. Those kind of players are helpful, but Texas needs a middle of the order superstar.

Does Nomar Mazara have the potential to be that guy for Texas? The 22-year-old outfielder is coming off a strong sophomore campaign with Texas. He hit .253 with 20 home runs and 101 RBI in 148 games.

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Much like many of the other Rangers hitters Maraza struggles to draw walks. He has 94 career walks with 239 strikeouts, and that’s through two Major League seasons. The lack of plate discipline could be what is holding back Maraza from stepping up to the next level.

His teammate Joey Gallo struggled with the same issue, but found a way to improve his swing and draw 75 walks in 2017. The problem is Gallo still has holes in his swing and struck out almost 200 times over the course of the season.

There is a chance that Maraza is able to be the next “superstar” hitter in Texas, but he needs to draw more walks. He’s young and has plenty of time to improve, but needs to make changes if he wants to not fall into the all-or-nothing category.

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We’ll see what kinds of changes Maraza makes over the off-season and in Spring Training. He has the potential to be a much better player, but right now he seems like a .250/20/80 kind of player until he makes the necessary changes.