Texas Rangers: Is Adrian Beltre’s Health A Major Concern Now?

ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 23: Adrian Beltre
ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 23: Adrian Beltre /

This season Adrian Beltre struggled with injuries. Beltre missed almost half the season due to his nagging injuries. The health of the 20-year veteran is an important concern for the Texas Rangers. Beltre is one of the important assets for the ball club.

Beltre, 38, played in only 94 games this season, the lowest since his rookie season when he appeared in 77 games. The worrisome part for the Texas Rangers is the fact that Beltre’s health has never been a major problem since he arrived in Arlington in 2011.

Beltre missed the first two months of this season because of a leg injury sustained during Spring Training. The next three months went very good for him, as he broke a few records, including reaching the 3,000-hit milestone, becoming the first player born in the Dominican Republic to accomplish this. On August 31st, Beltre suffered a hamstring injury and it was feared he would miss the rest of the season, though he returned and played 14 more games. Is Beltre’s body finally beginning to give out?

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No. Injuries are part of the game. They happen. Beltre may be aging, however, he’s still playing very good baseball. Health is definitely a concern but again injuries can happen in a heartbeat. But Beltre’s health shouldn’t be a major concern for the Rangers. He’s still in good shape.

However, the Rangers should be prepared for anything. They should not injuries to a leader affect them. They should swallow their pride and just simply move on. Move on and focus on the game.

Beltre’s goal this off-season is to be 100 percent by the Spring Training arrives. He should probably get himself examined to see if there are any ill effects he should clear up. If there are wounds to heal, there’s plenty of time and there’s no need to rush anything.

Beltre is entering the final year of his contract. He’s accomplished everything there is to accomplish except one thing; A World Series victory. He’s eager to accomplish that, too and he probably won’t retire until he has. The Rangers are hoping they can keep him and that he can it win in a Rangers uniform. Let’s hope his health is up for it, too. No doubt, Beltre is hoping to get through the 2018 season without suffering any injuries.