Texas Rangers: Three Exciting Players For Next Season

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 29: Elvis Andrus /

The Texas Rangers are currently in the process of brushing off their rough 2017 season. They’re hoping to be a much better team in 2018. However, as we know, no matter how bad a ball club can be, there are always players that will bring up excitement for the coming season.

The Texas Rangers have a lot of holes to fill this off-season. The Rangers came into this past season with good talent and they had potential. Unfortunately, they couldn’t tap into it and things soon went sour. So who are three exciting players for next season be?

Rougned Odor: Odor did not have a good season. Shortly before the season began, he signed a big contract. However, soon after things began going wrong and he fell into a slump. But it’s okay. Odor is still learning and struggling for one season is part of the lessons you learn in baseball. Odor is now learning the process of recovering from slump season. In two more years, Odor may become one of the best players in the league.

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Adrian Beltre: Beltre’s been in Arlington for seven years. He’s been in the leagues for 20 seasons. Last season, Beltre broke several records. His biggest accomplishment is reaching the 3,000-hit milestone, becoming the first player born in the Dominican Republic to accomplish this. Beltre is certainly the leader in the clubhouse. He’s a positive influence on young players. Even at 38, he’s still playing good baseball and he’s always been exciting. The one thing to worry is his health as he did have an injury bug last season.

Elvis Andrus: Andrus’ put up career-high numbers this season. Andrus was healthy and explosive this season. He had the kind of season Rangers fans had been hoping he’d have for a long time. Andrus has been in Texas for a long time and he’s come a long way in his career. This season, Andrus took his skills and talent farther than anybody could have imagined. Next season, he might take it farther and surprise the world again.