Texas Rangers: A Mistake To Let Carlos Gomez Go?

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 06: Carlos Gomez
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 06: Carlos Gomez /

The Texas Rangers seem to have moved on from Carlos Gomez. This off-season, there hasn’t been any talks of bringing him back. 2017 was not a pleasant season for him. Gomez is testing the market. Doesn’t look like the Rangers plan to bring him back to Arlington.

After a brief but fantastic 2016 season, the Texas Rangers awarded Gomez a one-year, $11.5 contract. Gomez struggled with injuries, missing about 60 games. He still put up respectable statistical numbers.

There have been no reports of contractual negotiations between Gomez and the Rangers organization. It’s safe to say that Gomez may not return to Arlington. Are the Rangers making a mistake by not working to bring him back?

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Bringing back Gomez would certainly be an exciting move made by the Rangers since Gomez is a player that Rangers fans are always excited about. However, if Gomez does, indeed, sign elsewhere, the Rangers should be okay. For one thing, it’s highly unlikely Gomez accepts another one-year offer. This time, he’s likely looking for a long-term deal. And the Rangers are not in a position to give long-term expensive deals. So obviously, as far as not bringing back Gomez back goes, there’s pros and cons to that decision.

Rumor has it Gomez is projected to sign with San Francisco. Rumor also has it the Kansas City Royals is a possible landing spot for him. The Rangers may get a chance to speak with Gomez about a new contract if they haven’t already. In any case, they should examine the offers carefully.

The Rangers have a reliable outfielder who’s capable of replacing Gomez. Willie Calhoun. Calhoun is one of the young talents the Rangers received when they shipped Yu Darvish off to the Los Angeles Dodgers. One of the cons of losing Gomez and relying on Calhoun instead is the experience. Gomez has plenty of it. Calhoun not so much. Calhoun is known for his hitting ability and not so much for his fielding, though he’s not bad at it.

The possibility of Gomez returning to Arlington is not something that is to be ruled out. It’s possible that it’ll happen. It’s just that nothing has happened yet and the Rangers may have a plan to convince him to come back. It may be that they’re waiting to see what Gomez is offered.