Texas Rangers fans will love the team’s new postgame win celebration

What better way to celebrate a Texas Rangers win than with a postgame ritual that honors the home state culture?

Manager Chris Woodward is implementing a new clubhouse celebration following victories by his club this season, and quite frankly, it has us fired up!

The Texas Rangers have a new and wholesome postgame win celebration.

After each Rangers win this season, a cowboy hat adorned with Texas state flag colors will be awarded to the team’s player of the game.

The player who receives this hat won’t just do so for their box score, but also for their grit, passion and the manner in which they exemplify the best of Texas Rangers baseball.

You can feel the energy in the clubhouse after hearing the breakdown of this new tradition, and it should have you all (the fans) feeling giddy as well!

Woody is truly taking it upon himself to honor the team’s heritage and state culture while motivating his players to play the hardest they possibly can and have some fun doing it.

The Rangers defeated the KC Royals 7-3 on Sunday, so the hat was introduced for the first time after the game.

You might be able to guess who the first recipient was.

If you don’t recognize the big righty in the picture, that would be Jordan Lyles, who pitched extremely well in 5+ innings to help lead the Rangers to their first win of 2021.

We’d call that performance meriting of a Rangers-themed cowboy hat!

Ideally, every player on the roster will have the chance to receive the honor of wearing this hat at some point during the season, as that would mean things are going right for the Texas Rangers.

At the very least, we haven’t seen the last of this hat roaming around the clubhouse.

Overall, this is a fun tradition that is sure to keep the players engaged and the fans excited.

Just wait until noted rodeo aficionado Taylor Hearn gets an opportunity to wear it…