Texas Rangers News: A long second half shouldn’t be confused with despair

For a few days during the All-Star break, the Texas Rangers and their fans got to forget what it was like to lose every night.

From drafting Jack Leiter on Sunday to watching Joey Gallo participate in his first ever Home Run Derby and the 3 Ranger representatives on the field in Tuesday night’s All-Star Game, that stretch of positive outcomes felt like the highest point(s) of the 2021 season to date.

Those senses of accomplishment and satisfaction during All-Star week were honestly a great feeling, and one we’d like to apply to regular season contests.

We know that’s easier said than done during a rebuild, though. And right on cue, the Rangers got bombed in Toronto (Buffalo) by the Blue Jays and Vlad Guerrero Jr. to kick off the second half of the season.


The Texas Rangers lost big to open the second half of the 2021 season

The final score wound up being 10-2, with the ASG MVP Guerrero mashing his 29th and 30th home runs in the Texas Rangers defeat. And thus, the beginning of what we all knew to expect: a long second half ahead.

A long 2021 second half for the Texas Rangers shouldn’t be confused with despair or pessimism going forward

Yeah, thanks for the Captain Obvious take, Rocket.

But fans should be thinking with some level of nuance here: this isn’t just about a long second half ahead. And the grind to finish off this season that may seem never ending at times? That’s not to be mistaken for or confused with general despair or pessimism.

If anything, this Texas Rangers organization has more to be optimistic about than it has in a long time.

For the first time in forever, the future looks legitimately bright. There’s talent all over the minor leagues and more to come. There’s a core emerging at the big league level, led by El Bombi, IKF, Nate Lowe, Dane Dunning and hopefully Joey Gallo. There’s money to spend this winter and assets to deal at this July’s deadline.

And of course, there will be another high draft pick to look forward to in 2022. There’s a lot to feel good about here.

So take this “long second half” with a grain of salt. You knew it was coming, we all did if we’re being honest with ourselves. No one would blame you for wanting the season to just be over already.

But don’t fall into the easy trap of watching a bad MLB team take the field for 81 more games and assuming they’re not worth your while, because there’s more than what meets the eyes for the Texas Rangers organization going forward.