Texas Rangers Rumors: Joey Gallo extension talks “more aggressive”?

We’re not exactly sure what the Texas Rangers‘ plans are regarding the future of Joey Gallo, but one thing we do know: they’re keeping all their options open.

According to Evan Grant, the Rangers have reportedly “become more aggressive” in trying to extend their All-Star right fielder amidst all the trade rumors, though it’s not known if a formal offer was made.

As we’ve seen over the last few weeks, the San Diego Padres and New York Yankees have expressed interest in trading for Gallo, and while it’s conceivable that the 27-year-old could find himself in a different uniform after the July 30 deadline, it’s unlikely a team would be willing to pull the trigger on a trade considering the Rangers’ reporting asking price.

It’s only right that Texas demand a haul for their best position player, because there just aren’t enough assets on this roster worth dealing (besides pitchers Kyle Gibson and Ian Kennedy), in addition to Gallo’s importance to this lineup. Without him in there, the offense is dreadful. The Rangers have to know this.

Could Joey Gallo sign an extension with the Texas Rangers?

Not that the lineup significantly improves its production with Joey in there alone, but not having him in there would only cripple this batting order even more, putting pressure on hitters who are struggling as it is. And don’t ask about prospect call-ups, because why would we want to subject our best young talent to this big league mess?

In any event, mid-season extension attempts are typically futile, and only more so when you remember Gallo is a Scott Boras client. Those players almost always seek the open market.

One thing that does stand out in this situation, though, is the 27-year-old’s outspoken desire to remain in Arlington, something that surely shouldn’t bypass any member of the front office mired in this predicament. That won’t make an extension right now any more or less likely, but the sentiment is notable.

It may ultimately come down to the price tag between both parties, but this latest Joey Gallo update is at the very least encouraging!